Cabin Creek Nordic Grooming Report

(Cabin Creek & Erling Stordahl trail systems)

WA State Parks
The Cabin Creek Sno-Park Groomed Trail System is a non-motorized recreation area provided by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, funded by Sno-Park permit fees, and located primarily on USFS land. The trails are groomed by a private contractor under contract to State Parks.
US Forest Service

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The 2022-23 Cabin Creek & Erling Stordahl grooming schedule (Dec 1 - Mar 31):
  -Cabin Creek (lower trails) groomed Wednesday-Sunday (to April 8).
  -Amabilis groomed Saturday (spring schedule).
  -Erling Stordahl groomed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (spring schedule).
  Schedule is subject to permits, conditions and budget.

Grooming status for Hyak/Lake Easton (Wa State Parks) is available at the WA State Parks website

Trail Etiquette for Skiers, Snowshoers & Snowplay

The trails at Cabin Creek are very heavily used. We all need to follow trail etiquette so everyone can enjoy the trails.
  • Please do not walk on the groomed ski trails, it quickly destroys the grooming.
  • Snowshoe on the edges of the trail, not on the set tracks nor down the middle of the trail.
  • Dogs are allowed on the South Loop trail. Where can I go with my dog?
  • Above all - be nice!
More suggestions can be found at snowrec.org and rei.com.

Snoqualmie Pass I-90 Pass Report (WSDOT)

Updated: Wed Jun 07 11:57pm PDT (last change 11:59pm)
Eastbound: No restrictions
Westbound: No restrictions
Conditions: Traditionally weather is reported on this page from November 1 to April 1. Should adverse weather or other incidents occur that will impact travel updates will be provided as information is available.
Exit 62 near Cabin Creek
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Trail Grooming Status (end of season)

Cabin Creek area (Lower trails map) (Amabilis map)
The RoadApril 8 Amabilis (to Y)April 8
Berg LoopApril 8 Amabilis (top)March 25
Viking LoopApril 8 South LoopMarch 30
OzbaldyApril 8
Erling Stordahl area (map)
Trollhaugen TrailsMarch 29
Challenge LoopMarch 29

Trail conditions and grooming reports are provided directly from the groomer.