Age Classes

Kongsberger Ski Club uses the following USSA age classes for our races.

Your age group is determined by your age as of December 31 of the competition season. You race in the same age group for the entire season.

Beginning with 2013-2014 ski season, USSA has adopted the "U" age class system with "U" or "Under" replacing the "J" system for junior age groups. OJs are now U20s, J1s are U18s, J2s are U16s, and so on.

Age Classes for 2019-2020 Ski Season

Kids (under age 14)
ClassAgeYear of Birth*
U8 (J6) 6-7 2012-2013
U10 (J5) 8-9 2010-2011
U12 (J4)10-112008-2009
U14 (J3)12-132006-2007

Juniors (under age 20)
ClassAgeYear of Birth*
U16 (J2)14-152004-2005
U18 (J1)16-172002-2003
U20 (OJ)18-192000-2001

Seniors (age 20-29)
ClassAgeYear of Birth*

Masters (age 30 and up)
ClassAgeYear of Birth*
M1 / Master 130-341985-1989
M2 / Master 235-391980-1984
M3 / Master 340-441975-1979
M4 / Master 445-491970-1974
M5 / Master 550-541965-1969
M6 / Master 655-591960-1964
M7 / Master 760-641955-1959
M8 / Master 865-691950-1954
M9 / Master 970-741945-1949
M10 / Master 1075-791940-1944
M11 / Master 1180-841935-1939
M12 / Master 1285+ ...-1934

* Use Year of Birth column to correctly select age class.